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An energizing walk through the vast beauty of the Rhodope.

  1. Pamporovo, the dam, Orpheus Rocks, Needles – light load for about 4 hours you can enjoy this extremely pleasant walk in the mountains. Follow the markings and signs. Study the route in advance! Take the road to Snezhanka Tower either by car or on foot from Studenets along the green track. Do not cross mountain bike trails. If you are by car you can get to Mount Snezhanka, leave the car there and go in the direction /southeast/ to Orfejevi Rocks. To the southwest is the trail that leads to Needles Peak, also with a unique panoramic view.
  2. Nevyastata / Kaleto Eco Trail – One of the most visited near Pamporovo, only 6 km from the resort in the direction of Smolyan. There are great activities for children at the turn-off itself – climbing wall, rope garden with bridges and children’s trolley. Just a few meters further down is the Monastery of St. Pantaleimon”. The trail splits into two – one leads to the Kaleto-Smolyan Fortress and the other to the Rock of the Bride with the trail ending with a panoramic platform and a large Alpine Trolley. Highly recommend this extreme experience! The trail to the Alpine Trolley is very nice and safe, before you get to the trolley there is a gazebo, children’s wooden house and swings. There are also Via Ferrata tracks along the route.
  3. Eco trail The Canyon of Waterfalls – You have to get to the town of Smolyan (15 km.), at the traffic lights on the right and follow the signs. Again, we advise you to check the route and weather in advance. The entire route takes about 4 hours – from the trailhead and return. The Visitor Tourist Centre can give you lots of useful information about the route, and there is a nominal fee. Don’t miss this scenic trail with waterfalls. The highest is 60 m. Waterfall “Orpheus”.
  4. Rozhen, Kartola, Hut Momchil Yunak – You go in the direction of Rozhen and reach the locality “Kartola” where you can leave the car and go in the direction of the hut “Momchil Yunak”, following the markings. The lodge itself can be reached by car on the way. From Pamporovo it is 15 km to the area of Kartola and 17 km to the hut itself. Combine with a walk to the nearby lake, and the friendly hosts will treat you well.
  5. NAO Rozhen, Santa Claus Animal Farm – If you have enough time you can combine a route 4. и 5. Again towards Rozhen you can visit the Santa Claus Animal Farm, where children enjoy the great animals, and the only one in Bulgaria – the National Astronomical Observatory “Rozhen” – 14km away. from Pamporovo.

This is our choice for some of the most picturesque places near Pamporovo that you can visit within a few days.

Keep in mind that you are in the mountains and the weather can always surprise you, so it is good to be prepared. In the next news we will talk about appropriate clothing and equipment for the mountains. We recommend the summer season from 10.07 to the end of August, when the weather is warmest and the day is longest.

In this period, especially from mid-July, you can pick a bouquet of aromatic and extremely useful herbs, eat fresh wild strawberries and blueberries. If you are lucky you can also come across some extremely tasty mushrooms – porcini and porcini. Be very careful with mushrooms – we remind you that many of them have doubles. If you’re not sure and there’s no guide with you who knows these species well, you’d better leave them be!

You can also get more information about the itineraries on site at Hotel Orpheus, where colleagues will be happy to assist you.

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